LOYALTY  & Membership CARDS

Create a deeper sense of belonging – for your clients or  members.

Your organizations’s member card is an extension of your brand, conveying premier brand image  and status to the card holder.  On-demand printing allows for quick shifts in design for classes of membership, ties to special events, new criteria of cardholder belonging.

  • Can incorporate a machine readable magnetic stripe, barcodes to support customer loyalty initiatives such as frequent buyer programs, attendance tracking or other.
  • Single or dual side printers available
  • HBM carries a full selection of printer accessories including card stock and printing ribbons
  • Special print features are available for additional security, durability and/or status.

The Entrust Datacard printers offered by HBM carry a reputation for their quality and consistency.  And HBM jealously protects their reputation for plain-spoken, responsive service and support of it clients and their business needs.