HBM is the most experienced provider of PlayerCard printers—hands down.  Located in the birthplace of modern gaming, Reno Nevada, we helped develop the first player tracking system with a  local casino three decades ago. Today, HBM provides comprehensive PlayerCard printing solutions from turnkey sales to technical support and consulting, from supplies to complete machine refurbishment. Our Entrust (Datacard) printers make it easier than ever to reliably personalize and encode magstripe PlayerCards on demand in high volume.


We know gaming! Established and based in Reno, Nevada (the birthplace of modern gaming), HBM is your trusted player card partner.
Sigma DS3 Printer

NEW! Introducing the Entrust SigmaDS3 OC PlayerCard Printer

The printer your casino has been waiting for! The Entrust Sigma DS3 Opencard PlayerCard printer is the next generation of direct-to-card printing. Designed and built with lessons learned from the high volume use of the CD800 –  and other enhancements such as device security, and remote dashboard monitoring.

The Sigma DS3 also offers easy field upgrades including duplex printing, tactile impression (foil impressor for the VIPs), and soon, multi-bin feed.

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* Entrust, formerly DataCard.  Always HBM.

  • Faster, even more reliable card and ribbon feed
  • New & Improved display screen improves usability

  • The real-time browser-based dashboard streamlines remote printer management & monitoring to ensure continued operation

  • The same Concierge HBM service you’re accustomed to – configuration, installation, support & service

Datacard CD800

The CD800 from HBM has been the gold standard for casino PlayerCard printers… we have printers running with over ¼ million cards and counting!

Our experience in the 24×7, high volume world of Gaming use has made us an integral design partner with the manufacturer, making the new Entrust Sigma DS3 OC an even better PlayerCard printer.

  • Reliable print, local rapid-response service
  • Unparalleled expertise for configuration
  • Concierge service installation

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve done two installs, one with printers from HBM and another with printers the casino obtained elsewhere. The ones from HBM installed beautifully. The others were a bit of a nightmare.”

J. Kelly, Bally Systems

“I love doing business with Harry’s, because you speak ‘Casino’!”

Peppermill Casino
“I tend to be demanding when it comes to commitment, standards of excellence, etc. If you don’t deliver for me, I will move on quickly. It’s the way I am. With that, I am supremely impressed with HBM. Their team responds to my requests instantly, helps me with technical advice and shares an attitude that is exceptional. Thank you for servicing my printer needs.”
John Krmpotic, AICP, KLS Planning and Design
“HBM, you’ve been making it work for Savage for years and years. Everything is good with me and I thank you for your service.”
Pete Savage, Vice President, CFO, Savage and Sons

“Valley Concrete has been doing business with HBM. for over 20 years! Their staff has always been knowledgeable about our software, fast in their response, affordable and wonderful to work with. Valley Concrete would recommend HBM to anyone who understands how costly it can be to have your system inoperable. In over 20 years the guys at HBM. have never let us down!”

Denise Lee, Controller, Valley Concrete Co., Inc.