“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” Yogi Berra

I ran into this recently, one of the more understandable and true things Yogi Berra ever said.

In theory, a product – hardware, software – will do everything a brochure or webpage says it will do, right? Everything the salesman says it will do, kapeesh? Yeah, in theory. But in practice, that  doesn’t always happen, particularly when the ‘salesperson’ is a different human than the one (tech) that configures and installs it.

That’s why we’re different  — on purpose. We intentionally conduct business in an entirely different way than the rest of any industry in which we do business — because we know it to be a better way of doing business. Not because it’s more profitable (because it isn’t), or maximizes our company’s market value (it doesn’t), or makes staff into just another number, a round peg that can be easily replaced (they can’t) … the motivations that we hear from our industry and competitors of why they do business the way they do.

They say “it’s easy for the guy to say it can be done, if he’s not the one that needs to make it happen”, or maybe revert to the old adage — “it’s easier said than done”.

We do business another way: having one key contact point and deliverer of product information (sales) and the same person to actually configure, deliver and install… because it makes for a much more satisfied client, in the long run.

So, in theory, there is no difference. In practice, we know there is.