Good Stuff !

I’m no web programmer; I find my way around WordPress, my company website and occasionally do something with client sites and my Rotary club’s sites.  Composing web forms has been a real buggaboo for me, trying to select a WordPress plug-in, replacing an old plug-in from a company that went away, etc. – anyway I’ve found this to be a real hassle… for years.

Fast forward to today.  I needed to put together a form – initially I thought it was just going to be a paper form, in Word, Excel or Publisher.  None of the web forms they had listed looked good to me and my purpose for the form.  On the off chance that google might give me more, I searched… one search only  – and fell into JotForm.   One word:  Wow.

OK, more:  It works. It’s easy. It’s understandable, with a good number of simple options to customize.  Frankly, I’ve never seen anything with this combination of simplicity and power – seriously it’s sweet. If you need a form to gather information, use this.  Even if you don’t need it on the web.  Any way, check it out at 

really Good Stuff !